Book design pricesHow much should it cost for book cover and page design? That depends on what type of book cover you require (hardcover or softcover, for example), and how complex your pages are (simple novel or complex nonfiction book).

Below is our standard pricing for book design, based on designing a typical book. Please review our design quotes and then you’ll have a good idea of what costs to expect for the design and layout of your book cover and pages.

As you shop for book design services, you’ll see that few designers offer such complete services for authors and publishers. Read what our clients say about my work, and be confident that you’ll receive prompt personal service and a book you’ll be proud of. Also know that our years of experience can help you avoid costly pitfalls.

We usually schedule new projects a few weeks in advance. If you choose to work with us on your book, please let us know in advance so we can be sure to set aside the necessary time for your book.

Please feel free to request an quote for your book specifically by using the form on our Request a Quote page. Tell us a bit about your book, and we’ll be happy to send you a quote promptly.

Below are our standard quote. Click on a link to open the quote in PDF format, and you’ll see exactly what is included in each quote, including estimated fees and expenses. And if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Book covers and dust jackets
PDFSoftcover (paperback) – $1,775
PDFHardcover with printed casewrap – $1,775
PDFSoftcover with flaps – $1,945
PDFHardcover with plain casewrap and dust jacket – $2,070
PDFHardcover with printed casewrap and dust jacket – $2,270
eBook front cover – $800 to $1,000

The quotes below are for typical books with 200 pages (some including 100 images). If your book has more or less than 200 pages and 100 images, then the time needed for typesetting, corrections, and placement of images will be more or less, and so will the cost of your mockup. But everything else will stay the same.

For a full explanation of the terms Simple, Complex Text, Complex Images and Full Layout, and to see design samples of those categories, please visit our Page design samples section.

PDFQuote for Simple pages (novel, no images or special text treatments, black ink only) – $1,790 for 200 pages – click here to see samples of Simple pages (coming)
PDFQuote for Complex Text pages (nonfiction with headings/subheadings, reference materials, endnotes, glossary, bibliography, index, black ink only) – $2,790 for 200 pages – click here to see samples of Complex Text pages (coming)
PDFQuote for Complex Images pages (illustrated fiction or nonfiction, memoirs, art/photography books, coffee table books, full color) – $5,870 for 200 pages and 100 images – click here to see samples of Complex Images pages (coming)
PDFQuote for Full Layout pages (books requiring special attention to each 2-page spread, such as corporate histories, technical reference books, manuals, special text and/or image treatments, full color) – $7,150 for 200 pages and 100 images – click here to see samples of Full Layout pages (coming)

Children’s books
Children’s book quotes are based on 24 color pages  and color cover, with print-ready illustrations supplied.

PDF Children’s book with printed hardcover or softcover ($2,705)
PDF Children’s book with printed hardcover and dust jacket ($2,985)

eBook conversion
After your print book has gone to press, we can convert your InDesign file into an eBook. We’ll give you a firm quote on the cost once we know the final page count of your print book and how many images it includes. This service is only available for books that we’ve designed in InDesign.