Pictures from a Darkroom Floor

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Pictures from a Darkroom Floor

Pictures from a Darkroom Floor, by Heather Cook
It’s 1960s France, a time when you could see Picasso at a bullfight or buy the Paris atelier where Gertrude and Alice entertained Ernest Hemingway. You could be photographed by Irving Penn for French Vogue or be stocking up on food during the Cuban missile crisis. Heather Maggs is twenty-three when she sets sail for Europe in June, 1959, with a portfolio of newspaper cuttings, a Hermes Baby typewriter, a 35mm camera and the address of an old boyfriend. She’s beginning the adventure of a lifetime. She works in London, Paris and Barcelona, she learns French, writes, models, designs clothes, and becomes a mother, all while dealing with a tempestuous relationship. But in the end it is a forsaken corner of Southwest France and a rambling old house that permanently changes her life.

“Heather Cook’s artfully crafted narrative is a window into a time, the 1960s, as fascinating as the stormy relationship it chronicles, and the author blends both into a stunning memoir.”
—Andrew Little, author of Before Whispers Become Silence

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My experience working with Fiona
I just wanted to say what a beautiful job you did on my book and what a pleasure it was to work with you throughout the whole process.  We all learned a lot about book making and the choices and possibilities involved, which was not only educational but fascinating and very useful for future endeavors. You were very patient with our difficult and demanding family style and I hope it was not too exhausting, but the results were truly worth it at least as far as I’m  concerned. I love the look of the book and it is wonderful to see it in print at last.
—Heather Cook, author

Softcover / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 402 pages
ISBN 978-0-9878505-0-8
Published by Two Ladies Press