Are We Running Out?

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Are We Running Out?

Are We Running Out? The Sustainability of the World’s Resources, by Ingrid Bryan
Do we have the resources to produce enough food for an expected world population of over nine billion in 2050? Are modern agricultural practices sustainable? Do we have enough fresh water? What do we understand about climate change? Can we decarbonize the world economy? Can we save the oceans? Are genetically modified crops bad for the environment? Are we entering a new era of resource wars? These are some of the questions addressed in this ambitious and comprehensive book by Ingrid Bryan.

Are We Running Out? is a book that should be on the desk of everyone interested in the state of the world’s environments. While many books deal with climate change, biodiversity, water, and the food problem, very few approach the world’s environmental problems from a completely integrated perspective. This book shows how the use of resources fits into a historical continuum and how all resource use is interconnected. Ingrid Bryan compellingly argues that proper stewardship of natural resources is of planetary urgency, and unless we change we will leave a squandered, impoverished legacy for our children and grandchildren.

The book is multidisciplinary, comprehensive, objective, and jargon free, and it integrates the latest scientific evidence on resource use ranging from mineral resources and fossil fuels to the wider natural environment. It also provides suggestions for improvements in resource policies.

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About the author
Ingrid Bryan is professor emerita in the Department of Economics at Ryerson University. Born in Sweden, she emigrated to Canada in 1967 after undergraduate studies in Sweden, the United States, and England. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton and spent most of her academic career at Ryerson University, Toronto where she served as chair of the department and dean of arts. Initially specializing in international trade and transportation, she has authored two previous books: Economic Policies in Canada and Canada in the New Global Economy, as well as academic articles on transportation and trade. However, more recently her research has concentrated on problems of global resource use, stimulated by first-hand observation of many critical issues during extensive travels on every continent. Are We Running Out? is the result. She lives near Toronto, Canada.

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