Page design samples

Top-quality page design and typesetting attracts readers

The samples below are divided into five categories so you can see what type of page design your book requires:

Simple page design If you’ve written a novel or if your book just has a few images to insert with the text, then a simple layout is for you. Your pages will be uncluttered and easy to read.

Complex text page design involves more than simply text and a few images. Usually a nonfiction book, it can include headings and subheadings, charts and graphs, images with captions, footnotes or endnotes, abstracts, references, lists, an index, or any combination of these. All the elements your book requires will be incorporated into its page design, to achieve a consistent and efficient look throughout.

Complex images page design These are illustrated books, usually in full color. They can be fiction or nonfiction. Good examples are art books and photography books. Memoirs and illustrated stories also fall into this category, as well as any book with lots of images. Generally the layout of the text is fairly simple in order to display the images to their best advantage. These books can be a variety of shapes and sizes, from small squarish books to large-format coffee table books.

Full layout page design The books we’ve helped create in this category all have something in common: they rely on images and page layout to get their message across. Each two-page spread needs careful consideration. Often text is combined with images, quotes, charts and reference materials.

Children’s picture books combine illustrations with the story. Each 2-page spread illustrates part of the story, and it’s important that the type and pictures complement each other.

Please browse through the samples below to get a good idea of which category your book falls into. Click on the title under a book cover to see samples of the pages in the book.