About the authors

We are book designers who share a keen interest in all things relating to book design. The question arose, “Why isn’t there a book that explains step-by-step how to create a book in InDesign?” We have shelves full of books that explain part of the process—books about design, typography, InDesign, image optimization, publishing, and so on—but not a single book that walks you through the whole process of creating a book from start to finish in simple terms.

Now we’ve created that book, and we did it with you in mind!

Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett, authors of Book Design Made Simple

Glenna, who lives on the east coast of USA, visits Fiona on the west coast of Canada, on a typical rainy day.

Please visit our website at www.BookDesignMadeSimple.com and subscribe to our email list. You’ll be able to download chapters 1 to 9 for free to see if Book Design Made Simple is right for you.

Where to buy the book

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